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I'm Oyabun. I take care of others... I Don't have lots of friends but those near me is very dear to me. They are my family.

Honorable and severe, a staunch traditionalist, and unforgiving and pitiless when crossed. A dour and pragmatic man, with a tendency towards self-laceration, I can appear to be cold and unfeeling in public. Privately, however, I feel deeply and passionately, especially in matters concerning my family. I also show evidence of a temper, though I seldom allows it to get the better of me. I struggle to balance the needs of family and friends, what I thinks is right, and the demands of my superiors. Naturally, this leads to internal conflict, but I demonstrates that the needs of my family comes first – although not without personal cost. I refuses to live in a manner I judge to be dishonorable.

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  1. oatmeal:

    *update from the author*

    A lot of people seem grumpy about my latest comic about online gaming as a girl.

    I wasn’t implying that girls suck at games. I was implying two things:

    • When girls play, often times no one takes them seriously. 
    • If they screw up, often times the room is filled with lonely dudes who say things like “LOL that’s okay! Will you marry me?”    If I screw up I get eviscerated.

    In short: a terrible female gamer gets away with way more than a terrible male gamer (like me).

    This came from my recent escapades playing Left4Dead online.

    Again, I meant no ill toward lady gamers.


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